A Blush Perfect For Oily Skin

Tarte Cosmetics, an eco-friendly cosmetic line, is bringing the ingredient Amazonian clay to new heights!  Amazonian clay’s high nutrient concentration gathers at the basin of the Amazon River. The sun bakes the clay, sealing in the nutrients. It is then milled into a fine powder and infused into products.  This ingredient has the ability to remove surface oil to mattify skin, nourish all skin types and reduce the appearance of dryness and flakiness. It gives skin an overall smooth, even appearance and improves the appearance of skin clarity and texture. It also hydrates dry skin.


tarte 12 hour blush.jpg

Amazonian Clay 12- Hour Blush is one of Tarte’s best-selling products.  This blush is great for all skin types; it also can provide cheek color to the oiliest of skin types for up to 12 hours. This amazing blush is available in eight shades.  Price: $25.00  Available at: www.tartecosmetics.com and Sephora.