A Bride Bucks Tradition

Right from the start, I knew I was going to like Katy. There was such a relaxed way about her that you couldn’t help but be immediately drawn to her. She’s a woman who’s comfortable in her skin, and it came across in the way she planned her wedding. She didn’t go with a traditional wedding theme; instead she planned her wedding around the things that are a part of her everyday life.

Cooking and entertaining is something near and dear to Katy. When she decided to take her wedding photos at Whole Foods Market in Lincoln Park, I thought it was a cool and unexpected move for a bride.

Her photos have a casual air about them as she walks the aisles selecting regular staples like fresh fruit, cheese, wine, and let’s not forget something to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Have you ever seen a basketball and a bride in the same photo? Well, you can see just how awesome this bride is because she decided to get in a game of hoops in her wedding dress on her wedding day!

For her ceremony and reception, she chose the location A New Leaf Studio and Garden. This lovely location was perfect for her intimate affair.

At the reception, she again tied in her love for food and entertaining.

She kept her guests busy by asking that they write words of wisdom for the newlyweds to live by. We can all agree that this bride walks to the beat of her own drum and bucked tradition all the way.