A Couple Honors Their Culture

 Although Michelle and Vince both have Asian heritages, they settled on a traditional wedding. However, they wanted to incorporate some cultural nuances to add an interesting twist to their wedding.

Photo by Dennis Lee

Photo by Dennis Lee

Vince, the groom, is of Chinese descent and bride Michelle is of German and Filipino descent. Michelle wore a traditional white dress and carried a bouquet of peonies, which in the Chinese culture is a symbol for new life or rebirth. How appropriate since the joining of these two people is the celebration of a new life together.

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Another Asian influence was found on the tables at the reception. The table assignments, which hung from gold trees purchased at Z Gallerie, were stamped in wax with the traditional Chinese “double happiness” character. This signifies the wish for marital joy for the newlyweds.

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It's nice to have professional photo's of your day, but Vince and Michelle wanted to make sure they captured candid and informal moments of the day. Each table was supplied with a blinged out camera so friends and family could get in on the fun.

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On a side note, one of my favorite things Michelle chose to do was have the groom’s cake made by Tipsycake. The nickname Yoshi was given to Vince back in his youth. It was inspired by the dinosaur-like character from the Super Mario Brothers Nintendo game. Over the years, the nickname has stuck, so how befitting that his cake was a representation of that.


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They were such a wonderful couple to work with. Revisiting their special day is one way for me to pay tribute to them and wish them much happiness and many blessings to come.  All wedding photos courtesy of Dennis Lee