A Japanese Mini Eye Lash Curler

I have found that even when using my favorite lash curler shu uemura, depending on the eye shape I can’t always reach all the lashes.  This challenge is especially true for the lashes at the inner and outer corners.  If you suffer from the same fate then suffer no more.


Preo/Prima Curl Up Japanese Mini EyeLash Curler  
What I like about this lash curler compared to other mini lash curlers is it gives a smoother bend to the lashes. This lash curler is for the inner and outer corners, across the entire lash line, on bottom lashes and is ideal for anyone with short lashes.  The unique design of the cage will give a fabulous natural curl to the lashes.  Made of durable stainless steel.  Always work with the pad under the lashes.Replace pad every 3 months.  Always curl lashes before mascara application to avoid breakage.  Work with small sections at a time across the lash line, or in specific areas if desired.  With your lashes between the lash curler apply pressure to the top and bottom handle.The availability of this lash curler does change from time to time, but is currently available at  Amazon  for $25.00 and  comes with 6 refill pads.