A Product Regimen for Oily Skin

In an effort to control their oily skin, people sometimes create more problems for themselves by using harsh products that result in stripping all the oil from their skin.  It maybe hard to believe, but a healthy skin has a good balance of moisture and oil.  Using harsh products will only create a dry and flaky surface.  You then treat the dryness by over compensating with heavier moisturizers that cause breakout to occur because the products were too rich.  This type of skincare regimen becomes a vicious cycle of addressing the immediate concern, while never feeling satisfied with the results of the products, or condition of their skin.



Characteristics of an oily skin

  • Characteristics of an oily skin
  • Excessive oil and shine
  • Sticky and uneven surface
  • Large visible pores
  • An appearance similar to an orange peel
  • Frequent breakouts/blemishes
  • A reddish skin tone caused by inflammation


Priorities of this skin type:  Control excess oil secretion and breakouts



A basic skincare regimen is as follows:

  • Cleanser (am/pm)
  • Moisturize (am/pm)
  • Eye Cream (am/pm)
  • Mask (2-3 times weekly)
  • Blemish treatment (when needed)
  • Foundation primer (to eliminate the redness)
  • Lip conditioner (when needed)



Oily skin with a dry surface is a condition that's created when the skin is stripped due to overly drying products. Often times, someone with oily skin doesn't want to moisturize because they associate this with adding more oil to the skin.  An oil-free moisturizer is designed to add water - not oil - to the skin.  This is an important step that alleviates surface dehydration; this drink of water for your skin will help reduce the amount of oil production.  During the winter months, you might have to switch to your clay mask to a gel mask, or switch your oil-free moisturizer to a regular lotion.