Exfoliator That Hydrates, Brightens & Soothes

When your skin has a build up of dead skin cells it prevents your moisturizer from working effectively.  This is why after applying moisturizer in about an hour your skin feels like you put nothing on.  Maybe you see a peeling, or rolling of dead skin cells, or perhaps some discoloration is present.  Well let me tell you about a product I'm crushing on that was recently introduced to me by Dermalogica Educator Beth Kennerson that addresses all these issues.


dermalogica daily resurfacer.jpg

Dermalogica Daily Resurfer
This is dual physical and chemical leave on exfoliating treatment that also hydrates, brightens and soothes the skin.  Beta and Alpha Hydroxy acids with enzymes exfoliates those dead skin cells.  When your moisturizer doesn't have to fight through dead skin cells and can actually penetrate into the skin you benefit by not seeing fine lines form prematurely.  Hyaluronic Acid and Eelgrass are humectants that help the skin retain moisture thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines.  Rice Extract, Rooibos and Green teas help even out and brighten the skin tone.

 There is a slit in the pad so you can place it over your finger then apply in circular motions all over the face.  It's non-sticky so it won't interfere with other products and is also fragrance free.  Price is $68.00 with 35 doses  Available at Dermalogica, and Ulta.