What Is Your Liner Brush Precision, Bent or Angled?

There are quite a few eye liner brushes out there, and many consumers don’t always know what type of brush to use for a specific desired effect.  So, take a look at a few eye liner brushes I like to use along with the type of liner effect each brush can create.

percision eyeliner brush.jpg

Precision Classic Eyeliner Brush #92
Great for getting your liner product between each lash.  It’s ideal for achieving the thinnest line, but can also create a thicker line if that’s your preference.  This brush is made of synthetic bristles so can be used with creams, liquids or gel.  Price $12.00 Available at Sephora.

Pro bent eyeliner brush.jpg

Pro Bent Liner Brush #23
Ideal for those who don’t want to tug on any part of the eye area, and like to keep their eyes open while applying liner.  The angle of this brush lets you get right at the base of your lashes to create a thin or thick line. It’s also ideal for lining the bottom inside rim.  Price $17.00  Available at Sephora 


angled liner brush.jpg

Pro Angled Liner Brush #22
This brush is ideal for a precise line as well as lining the upper inside rim.  Both brushes are made of synthetic bristles so they can be used with gel liners, liquids, or if dampen can be used with powder eye shadows as another alternative.  They are great for creating the cat-eye look or the more dramatic Any Winehouse exaggerated cat-eye.  Price $16.00  Available at Sephora.